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Wedding Weight Loss

Look and Feel AMAZING in the Most Important Dress You’ll Ever Wear


Are you worried about how you are going to look on your wedding day?

Are you worried about not fitting into your wedding dress properly?

Do you look in the mirror and are bothered at your reflection?

Are you struggling to lose that stubborn weight?


  If you answered yes to any of these questions and are looking for wedding weight loss solution, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m on a mission to help Brides-to-Be look and feel the best version of their selves in the most important dress of their lives.


I help brides love their reflection, look incredible in their wedding dress and set them up for success through nutrition, fitness and self-love for their happily ever after.

 I’m Linda Miller (soon to be Linda Poirier), owner of Fit FairyTale Bride.

Not long ago, I was miserable and depressed, having 50 extra pounds on me. I was the biggest I’ve ever been. I felt like a be1003166_10153053784200005_2038117994_nached whale and just climbing the stairs made me huff and puff. 50 extra pounds on me is a lot. I’m only 5 feet tall so that’s really a lot!

I had to start planning my wedding and I was less than impressed to start and wasn’t exactly motivated.

I didn’t even want to look at wedding dresses in magazines let alone in stores and had so many questions.

  • I wondered if it was worth going shopping for my dress at all. Or should I?
  • How many pounds did I have to lose in order to even shop for my dress?
  • Did I want to even bother shopping, stuffing myself in a dress like a sausage, only to turn out feeling worse about myself than I already did?

I was worried I was going to hate how I looked in my wedding dress. So I avoided it.

I was disgusted looking in the mirror and grossed out. Ugh. I hated that I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes and wondered if I was ever going to look fit again. I hated having to wear my “fat” clothes! I hated seeing myself in pictures. I was at the point that I felt like what’s the use anymore. I’m just gonna be fat.

My fiance would say to me that I looked good no matter what. I looked at him like he was crazy. I couldn’t even believe he was saying it with a straight face. He must be lying to try and make me feel better, I thought. I felt ugly and unattractive. I definitely didn’t feel sexy. I felt like I was an alien in my own body.

Then one day, something in me started to shift. I’m not sure where it even came from. I was sad I wasn’t taking care of myself. I made a decision. I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and to remind myself of all the knowledge I had about weight loss, fitness and nutrition and more.

I knew if I stayed feeling bad about my weight, I would never lose it. I’d be this forever lump who wanted to stuff her emotions with chocolate and sit on the couch and cry. I thought to myself, wait a minute… I lost the weight before and kept it off for so many years. I can do this again! All I have to do is start. Sometimes that’s the hardest part.

23 Lb Weight loss in this before and after picture.

I lost the weight and now I’m determined to help others out there learn that it can be done in the utmost healthy way and the weight can be gone for good. Best of all, you’ll feel amazing on your wedding day and have the tools to carry it through the years for happily ever after.

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I’m on a mission to help Brides-to-Be look and feel the best version of their selves, in the most important dress of their lives.